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Do you want

  • to write your life’s story?
  • to write a young adult, detective or historical novel?
  • to find your creativity in writing?

And are you thinking

  • I don’t know how to write!
  • who wants to read my story?
  • I am not creative at all!
  • I don’t know where to start?

Is one or all of the above true for you? Then you’re in good company. I also thought I wasn’t creative enough and I wondered who wanted to read my story. So I just didn’t write it. Those two beliefs stopped me from writing my book.

I just knew there was a story inside me that needed telling. Because: how would I be able to guide you in writing your story, when I hadn’t even written my own? Right?

My story

I was bullied all the way through school, which was 12 years for me. It didn’t stay in school though, I was also picked on in my neighbourhood. I couldn’t go outside to play, because the other children bullied me. I had to go to school so I couldn’t avoid the bullying there. My teachers didn’t know about it or didn’t know how to stop it. And in the mean time people laughed at me, called me names, surrounded and intimidated me and I was even beaten up by kids.

This is what I went through, twelve years of my life. Every day I was told that I shouldn’t be here or that I wasn’t worthy, and after twelve years, I started to believe it. I was ugly, fat and stupid and I didn’t love myself anymore. In 2008 my life turned upside down. So much happened that year that everything went to pieces. I went to pieces. After that, I worked through my past by writing stories about it. Some of the stories are on this blog, some of them ended up in my book. If you can read Dutch, you can buy my book here.

Because I know the healing power of writing through personal experience, I offer my courses to give you the same experience. Because your story deserves to be told. Everyone has a story that needs to be told. To help, guide and inspire. Even if it is just one person.


How to write a good conversation


How to keep your reader in suspense


How to prevent writer's block


Who is telling your story

Martha in the Dutch Media

Me and my book and my story have been featured in the Dutch media.


De lancering van mijn boek #ikbengepest kreeg een pagina groot artikel in de Zoetermeerse versie van het AD.

EO Beam

Op het jongerenplatform van de EO gaf ik een interview over pesten van docenten door leerlingen


Op vrouw.nl mocht ik ook vertellen over mijn ervaringen in het onderwijs.

De Telegraaf

Het artikel van Vrouw.nl werd doorgezet naar de voorpagina van de Telegraaf

Dit is de nacht

Midden in de nacht mocht ik vertellen over mijn ervaringen met pesten bij Dit is de nacht van de EO.

Met het Oog op Morgen

In Met het Oog op Morgen mocht ik vertellen over mijn ervaringen in het onderwijs als docent.

Zoetermeer Nieuws

Het persbericht van de lancering van mijn boek #ikbengepest verscheen op Zoetermeer Nieuws.


Ook in het Streekblad verscheen een artikel over de lancering van mijn boek #ikbengepest.


Op de dag tegen het pesten staat een groot artikel in de landelijke glossy Grazia.

Podcast Sigrun

Via sigrun.com werd ik geinterviewd over mijn grote doorbraak om zichtbaar te worden. (Engels)


Ingemar Francisca interviewde mij over gepest worden en de gevolgen ervan.


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