Use your senses in your writing

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When you use your senses in your writing, your reader will be drawn into your story more effectively and create a better story.

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Did you know:

  • Smell is one of the strongest senses to invoke a memory?
  • Touch in writing can feel as if the reader is touched the same way?
  • Taste is one of the hardest senses to describe?
  • Hearing is an underestimated sense in writing?
  • Sight is the most used sense in writing?

And that is too bad. Because when you use all your senses in a story, the story becomes a lot stronger and has much more impact in the reader.

In this course, I will guide you 1 on 1 in using your senses in your writing, to make it stronger and more impactful. You will get small, fun assignments to practice using your senses in your writing, which we will discuss together in our sessions.


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