The Pelkman-method

The Pelkman-method guides you in writing about your memories to heal them and help you live your full potential. The person you are supposed to be, if it weren’t for those memories holding you back. This is what we will do:


Learn the basics of creative writing

It all starts with the basics and training your writing. We’ll talk about using your senses – smell, touch, sight, hearing and taste – in your writing and the effect of it. We’ll also touch on creating characters and how to write a short story. Also you will learn how to keep on writing even when you don’t have any inspiration and where you can get the inspiration you need, so you will never have a writer’s block again. This part takes six weeks and we will have contact once a week. You will receive an inspiring assignment to get you writing and train your writing muscle.


Start writing about the memories

The second part is all about writing about the memories that haunt you. The memories that keep you from being yourself and live your full potential. I will guide you through writing about these memories in biweekly sessions. Every two weeks we will meet online and we will take one of the memories and I will give you a new way of writing about them. We will touch upon the edges of what triggers these memories and what exactly happens in your brain when you encounter similar situations. This part takes twelve weeks and it will help you work through the memories that hold you back using everything you’ve learned in first part of this course.


Make a new start

This part is all about becoming visible, coming out of hiding. Now you’ve worked through your memories, you can make a new start. It could be writing a book about what you’ve gone through for your loved ones, or you may even publish it. You could also write a blog to inspire others, talking about what you’ve experienced and be an example for others.

The main result is that you will be able to stop reliving the memories that held you back and live your full potential, the person you were supposed to be before things happened to you. We will meet once every two weeks online so I can motivate you in writing your book, be your writing coach to keep you on your way.

This part takes about 3 months. You’ve already written a couple of stories about your memories and you can publish those if you wish. ‘Make a new start’ also includes a website where you can blog about your life or share your stories. Or, if you’re planning to publish a book, a website from where you can sell your book and blog as well. I will create your website to your liking.


The extra’s

The Perks

1 on 1 guidance and feedback on your writing

I will look at every assignment and give you feedback on what you could improve in your writing to create maximum impact for your readers. We will meet online for an hour per week in the first six weeks. The second part starts right after the first and we will meet every two weeks to discuss the progress, start a new assignment and discuss a new genre of writing about your memories. After these twelve weeks, the third part starts where we will create a book or a blog and a website. We will still meet twice a month so you will keep momentum.

My ebook on the method

Of course, I have written my own book on my method. Because, how can I talk about writing a book, when I didn’t write one myself?

Walk the talk, right?

When the translation is finished, I will send you the English version of the book so you can read about the method and how I coped with the memories that haunted me.

Want to write those memories away?

Do you want to stop reliving your memories and start living your full potential? Do you love writing and let me guide you along your way of getting to be all of you? Write your heart out with the Pelkman-method and you will see the difference!


The book you always wanted to write!

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