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Creative writing

You will never have a writer’s block after this course. It teaches you creative ways to write, even when you think your stuck.

The basics

This course will give you a quick overview of what you need to know when you want to write a story.

Writing with your senses

This course teaches you how to use your senses to create a better story and let your readers live the story, instead of  just reading it.

The structure of your book

How do you begin a story? What is a good structure for your story? How do you create suspense and keep your readers, well… reading?

Magical storyworld

Awe your readers with your descriptions of characters, houses, surroundings and much more. Everything to make magical descriptions in your story is in this course


Who tells your story? Where’s the ‘camera’ in your book and how do you make sure you choose the correct point of view? This course will help you set your storyteller.

The leading role

Who is the main character in your book? How do you develop a character and make sure it is interesting enough for your reader?


“He says, she says” is very boring. How do you create an interesting conversation? What do you write down and what not? How do you show dialect or a stutter?

Do you want

to write your book?

I can guide you in writing your life’s story, a fictional story or any other story you want to write. I coach you in creating your storyworld, developing characters and their development during the story, creating a good strong structure and enough suspense to keep your readers reading. You will also learn about ‘kill your darlings’ and ‘show don’t tell’.

Create your own package

The complete package costs €4.382,-

You can save € 385,-!

Will you let me coach you for one year in a 1 on 1 setting? Great! We will create a wonderful book of your story. Five courses that contain all aspects of your story are now available for a special price, where you will save € 385!

Contact me if you want more information or if you wish to book a introductory meeting.

Choose 3 courses

Get a discount!

Choose 3 courses with 1 on 1 guidance and you will receive a discount. We will work together for 6 months so I can guide you with laser focus on what you need. Contact me to see what is possible and what you need to write your book!


What they say


I think this course is very educative. Martha makes it fun and gives you the feeling she is really close in her facebook lives. The course gives you another view on writing.


I have been working on my book for a long time and sometimes I get the feeling that I've started the impossible. This course gave me guidance to create more structure in my story. The theory gave me more insight in how to create suspense and keep the reader interested. Useful and fun course!


I'd most certainly recommend this course to people who already have a story. This 'manual' helps you to get through your story and make new combinations. If you follow the tips, your book will come very close to a better end result. I am convinced that writers will become even better. Let's get published!


This course is a pleasant mixture of fun assignments and essential ones to get your story to the next level. If you always got stuck on a good idea or some chapters then this course will help you get further. Martha is super enthousiastic and helps you get deeper into your story.


From the first lesson it was clear to me that writing a book is something completely different. The assignments helped me to work on my story in a structured way. After the first two modules the structure was there and I knew: "If I change something here, it has consequences for the whole book." I have never gotten this far before.


The book you always wanted to write!

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