Last Sunday I went to an event which I sponsored with my website company Focus Websites. I had been pretty sick in the two weeks before this, so for me it was a test to see if I would be up to this job now, to see if I was physically capable of going to such an event. I parked the car near the event, when it happened.

I put the purple car in neutral and pulled the handbrake when it happened. I felt something tickling my right hand, and when I looked at what tickled me I was scared out of my wits. On the back of my hand was a big scary beast. A spider.

I shook my hand fast in a reflex and the SPIDER was gone. I secretly hoped that this action the beast had thrown so hard against the window of my car, it would not survive. Closer inspection of the passenger seat and its surroundings, however, yielded no results. I could find no dead or unconscious SPIDER.

I forgot all about the incident and went to the event. The event went well, the action for charity was successful and after half an hour I went back home. I was tired and shivered. This had been a little too much still. I checked a moment whether I saw SPIDER somewhere in my car, but the eight-legged beast never showed its ugly face.

At night I nightmared that the monster took its revenge

Life-sized the monster appeared before me. The hairy legs were on either side of my stiffened body. In the compound eyes I saw my ashen face reflected eight times, the eyes were not blinking and venomous fangs reciprocated as pincers. All contributed to the agony I was in. This monster was going to eat me! The SPIDER slowly came closer, the poison dripping from his jaws and leaked on the pillow next to me. I could not move, I could not leave. And the beast was coming ever closer …

The next morning I woke up, drenched in sweat. The nightmare still fresh in mind. I shook the images from me and did what I had to do that day. At night I would be teaching students who wanted to learn how to create a website with WordPress.

I got into the car, threw my backpack on the passenger seat and sat down. While boarding I felt something smooth down my forehead, I looked up and saw the same SPIDER from yesterday. It had made a web between my steering wheel and the roof of my car. I did not know I could move so fast to get out of the car.

“How am I gonna get it out?” I muttered to myself. I looked behind me and saw some leaves on the bushes, but then I remembered the feeling of the SPIDER walking across my hand and I shivered. I thought of my car key, with which I could tackle the beast, but again it could get on my hand again. Indecisively I stood next to the car door, sent a message to my business partner with a picture: “There’s a monster in my car!” I got a smiley with tears of laughter back. No help there.

The sample in the car

Own picture

Fortunately there was a gentleman walking by: “Sir, are you afraid of spiders?” I asked.
“No,” he said, and he came to me. “Would you mind getting one out of my car?” Something of the agony in my voice must have sounded through because the gentleman smiled. He got the SPIDER out and crushed it under his foot on the road. I thanked him and I drove to the course.

I am still left with one question: who is the monster and who has now taken revenge on whom?


Picture on top by: Daniele Levis Pelusi

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