I’ve dreamt of creating an international business since I became an entrepreneur 5 years ago this month. To have an international business, you have to have an international website. And now it’s here! My international website and business is officially launched today! So how did I visualize my global launch?

Normally, you would probably create a schedule, marking dates on your calendar, put out teasers and stuff like that, but I just didn’t feel like it. Why do everything the way everyone does it? How would I be able to stand out if I would just do it mainstream?

I was never mainstream, so why start now? For example, when I was eleven, I wore trousers my mom made for me with the Batman signal on it, because I liked it. And at twelve years old, I started training karate, which was far from mainstream, because the others played soccer or were dancing.

Launching my new website has to be fun

For me, that is. So putting out teasers, letting you guess what it means, isn’t fun for me. Launching something is hard work, and I just didn’t feel like it. Of course I want you to know the website is here, of course I want you to visit. But I don’t want to be exhausted after teasing you for six weeks or more.

So here it is: my new website. And I will be working under my own name from now. Martha Pelkman, because DrsPee sounds weird in English.

Made from flow.

I worked on it when I felt like it, when it felt aligned. Not all the stories you find on this blog are translated into English, I am still working on that. But please feel free to look around and let me know what you think or if you see anything that needs to be changed.

I will soon start launching my program on the Pelkman-method. But for now, let me share with you what helped me visualize going global. Because the Netherlands is just a small country, only 17 million people, I felt that it was too small for me. I needed to go bigger, I felt my message should go beyond the borders of this wonderful country. And that’s why I started to dream big. Up-leveling my goals and made big, hairy, audacious and – dare I say it? – ambitious beyond my wildest dreams. I saw an empire of people writing about their lives and healing old memories by writing about those too.

What helped me most in visualizing this international launch, was listening to Jessica Caver Lindholm and her wonderfully powerful free millionaire mirror visualization. Please go listen yourself if you want to do big things and feel free!

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